Concerning christian philosophy

Dear you,

I am writing in accordance to your last letter. You mentioned that there is a philosophy, which accepts christian dogmas. It is called christian philosophy. Well, it is one of the widely spread philosophical myths. I’ll try to show you what is wrong with it.

What exactly we mean by a christian philosophy? As I said, doing philosophy with some extra axioms. For example: 1. Whatever the bible says is true; 2. Christian churches (i.e. orthodox, catholicism etc.) interpret the bible correctly. Except those two assumptions, christian philosopher acknowledges to all achievements of the science and reason.

Well, it seems to be fair enough. What can be wrong with it? The problem lies in notional entanglement. Christianity as a religion, belongs to the worldviews. Philosophy, as a logical analysis of the language, belongs to the sciences. One is subjective, the other is objective. The first is matter of faith, a private choice; the second is matter of facts and it can be empirically or logically verified.

However, representatives of the christian philosophy want to prove such a claims as „God (person) exists” or „human soul is immortal” etc. That’s very interesting, but it doesn’t belong to the philosophy, which is independent of any worldview. What makes it funny, such a christian philosophers very often base their considerations on the philosophy of the St. Thomas Aquinas – the founder of the first clear distinction between faith and knowledge.

As you can see, My Dear, the fusion of worldview/faith and philosophy/knowledge cannot be made. Not everyone will accept christian axioms, therefore not everyone will accept christian philosophy’s conclusions. So, such a reasoning will not be objective anymore. You might say that this is a philosophy only for believers, but then it can be called theology – analysis of the bible with some of philosophical methodology. 

The conclusion is obvious. Christian philosophy doesn’t exist. Of course, there are great ideas and theorems, which christian philosophy contains, but they belongs to the worldview, not to the philosophy.

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